re-vegetated creek bed
Revegetated creek bed

Our Environment

Rainfall across the farm ranges from 425mm in the south to 550mm in the north.

Soils are also variable and range from black self mulching clays in the south to red brown earths in the north.

Native vegetation includes mallee, blue gum and red gums.  Native grasses are common in the hills grazing country.  The hills also support a healthy population of grey kangaroos.

Our policy is to maintain soil cover and replace nutrients according to nutrient budgets and audits.

Pareta Farms also has a policy of planting trees and fencing off creeks and gullies on owned properties.  These areas are typically revegetated.  The purpose of this is to provide habitat for local wildlife and to improve the aesthetics of the farm.  We also believe that blocks that are well vegetated also reach their potential for maximum capital growth.

The founders of Pareta Farms were also founding members of the Light Landcare group.  This group was responsible for preserving local native vegetation by implementing strategic fencing and revegetation projects.

Leased properties are managed inline with a property management plan that is developed collaboratively with property owners. This approach leads to effective management of the farm and maintenance of the asset. Typically a property management plan involves fencing, water systems, weed management, soil health and vermin control.