Grain handling
Grain handling

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Pareta Farms provides professional farm operations management services to investors seeking direct investment into agricultural land but who are unsure how to approach it.

There is a direct relationship between the success of a farming enterprise and the timing of operations. Pareta Farms has the infrastructure, business systems, equipment and labour to ensure all crop and livestock production operations happen in a timely manner. This increases the probability of overall success.

Typically, farm operations management services involve either:

  • Leasing the property to Pareta Farms - this provides the investor with a stable and constant operational return while still accessing capital growth of the farm. This is a low risk approach for the investor.
  • Share farming the production of crops and livestock - this enables an investor to participate in production risk in a collaborative way with Pareta Farms.
  • Contracting of operations management services - this enables the investor to have maximum exposure to agriculture as operations are contracted to Pareta Farms.

Investors who work with Pareta Farms can be confident their investment in agricultural land is being effectively managed to maximise the probability for capital growth and increasing annual operating returns.

Do you have out of specification grain that needs short term storage close to domestic end users? Pareta Farms now offers hospital storage for short term applications. This can involve simple storage or storage and treatment of grain. We have modern, high capacity grain moving equipment and a large clear yard to enable all truck combinations to move grain safely and easily.