Our Team

Our team is committed to professionalism, innovation and safety.

Our team undertake continuous training and professional development.  The aim of this is to ensure they are continuously innovating and improving new approaches to farm, crop and livestock management.

We have a pool of committed casual staff available for harvest and seeding operations.

The management team consists of:

  • David Heinjus - General Manager
  • Jason Henschke - Farm Operations Manager
  • Sarah Heinjus - Administration Manager
  • Chris Heinjus - Grain Marketing Manager

David, Sarah, Chris and Dee are also founders of South Australia’s largest private agribusiness consulting business, Pinion Advisory. Pinion Advisory provides agronomic, grain marketing and farm business management services to Pareta Farms.

Pareta Farms has a board that consists of David, Sarah, Chris and Dee Heinjus and is independently chaired by Craig Farrow from Brentnalls SA. The board defines strategy and policy while also providing governance and accountability in management.